Digital lead generation for the financial services and insurance sector

Lead generation for any industry can be difficult to master. The internet now plays a huge part in most customer journeys (especially within finance and insurance) so ensuring your digital lead generation has a focused strategy is key.

Here are some of the digital tactics we use to increase credible leads and aid lead generation in the finance and insurance sectors.

Increase Website Traffic

This is a big one for most businesses. The more traffic you have coming to your website, the more chances you have of turning each of those visitors into digital leads. We have several different tactics we use for getting people to your website, which include:

In-Market: This method of driving traffic involves seeding content and advertisements to users who are online and are actively looking for certain products or services. Because of how specific targeting is, the results from this method can be very impactful.

Organic SEO: Making small (or big) changes to your website, and ensuring you’re implementing best practice SEO across your site, can have a knock-on effect on your Google rankings. If your rankings improve, your business and product become more visible on search engines, which leads to more traffic.

Paid Search (PPC): Using paid search is a fast and efficient way to reach people through Google. Paying to appear in search results ensures you can target specific search terms, and means you can optimise and monitor ROI too. For example, if a specific set of keywords is providing much higher ROI than another, we can ensure a budget is prioritised to the better conversion rates.

Native Advertising: These adverts are far less intrusive and they tend to offer a ‘seamless’ experience that helps drive traffic steadily and consistently.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the classic methods of digital lead generation, and it’s a marketing tactic that is cost-effective and efficient time-wise too. An email marketing strategy can be designed to provide contextual emails which promote your product but are also contextual to your customer or prospect, and where they are in their ‘customer journey’. A big part of this involves automation, ensuring that your prospects receive regular and timely communication.

Social Media

Social media plays a large part in any digital lead generation as so many people spend a portion of their daily time scrolling and browsing their social feeds. You can use social media organically and paid, and we can help with both. We use social media to grow the prospect list, and also nurture any conversations or queries with potential leads/customers.


Once a prospective customer or lead has visited your website, you can then seed adverts to those users throughout their online journey. This includes a variety of other websites and platforms, such as social media, lightbox and Google.

These adverts generally have an extremely good CPC and a good click-through rate. Customers are already familiar with your product or service (because they have previously visited your site) so reaching them with relevant adverts on their social feeds or whilst they’re using the interest for other purposes can be the reminder they need to complete a purchase or fill in their details / sign up. Using remarketing, you’re providing a direct gateway to the page or product they were previously interested in and many users take the prompt and revisit the website without hesitation.

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