How LinkedIn helps you cultivate warm leads

If you want to build your business and professional network through social media, LinkedIn is, without doubt, the most effective social platform. At Vitale Digital, we work with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the most popular paid-for social media tool that generates bespoke leads by finding the best prospects from the 590 million global subscribers.

As part of Sales Navigator’s advanced search tool, we are able to target the right industry, understand what prospective clients value and offer personalised and unobtrusive outreach throughout the nurturing and buying process.

Vitale offers a five-step lead generation process.

1. Data Scoping: Based on your verticals, we carry out a data scoping exercise, selecting which organisations are prospects within the insurance and financial services industries. Over 20 filters allow us to target keywords, job title, industry sector, size of the company and geographical location, creating a database of potential leads.

2. Network Building: The next stage includes building a network to establish leads based on an agreed scope. This network will be made up of individuals that perfectly fit the criteria of your ideal customer.

3. Making Introductions: Introductions are made with our personalised outreach programme; engaging and nurturing potential clients on a monthly basis. From data collected on LinkedIn, we are able to personalise communications based on insights we have gathered, or link to valuable content to help build a relationship.

4. Collating Responses: With daily monitoring, Vitale is able to gather, evaluate and feedback the leads, ready for conversion. As well as being well-targeted, the softer approach to marketing over a period of months allows for potential clients to understand your business and how you work, leading to warm leads that are already further along the conversion funnel than more traditional marketing methods.

5. Final Outcome: Vitale’s experience of using Sales Navigator has shown an increase in LinkedIn community growth for our clients of around 10% per month within the chosen verticals, with an impressive lead generating response rate of between 2-4%.

This does vary across sectors, but our specialised outreach team work closely with you to optimise your results, and a monthly insight report outlines your increase in visibility, new connections and positive responses to help ensure your ROI.

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