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How does digital lead nurturing work within the insurance market?

Have you ever noticed being ‘followed’ around the internet by ads related to a company or product you’ve previously shown an interest in online? If yes, then you’ve been party to a digital lead nurturing campaign, whether that’s via Social remarketing or Google remarketing.

With the advent of remarketing and identity-based marketing, it’s never been simpler to target a defined audience with ads to visually engage, boost brand awareness and generate leads. And when this audience has already engaged with your brand online without completing the required action on your website or social channel – it makes it a powerful channel for B2B marketing and influencing the digital sales funnel.

Whether your proposition is a B2B, B2C or a B2B2C insurance offering, digital lead nurturing works well to influence prospects through the digital sales funnel. The channel mix is very different for B2B and B2C however, the tactic maximises brand recognition and ultimately increases customer conversions across both arenas.

How do you target the right people and at the right point in the buying funnel?

You can drive traffic to your website using multiple techniques, such as Pay Per Click (PPC), organic traffic and Display Advertising to name a few. But if they don’t complete the required action, such as enquiring or purchasing through a QnB, then you can retarget those online users with ads and content to entice them back to your site. This is called Remarketing and works well in influencing those users through the buying funnel.

There are on average 8 touch points before a prospect makes themselves known to a provider and 57% of a buyer’s purchase decision is made before they make contact.

Whether it’s Google or the social channels that’s the right mix for your audience, or both – the decision is very dependent on profiling the audience correctly to understand their platforms of choice.

We work with our clients to profile their audience and select the right channel mix for digital lead generation and the findings are often surprising, which results in a multi-channel approach.

One thing is very clear however, that lead generation has changed within the financial services market and is still changing rapidly with the adoption of new techniques within digital across the sector. Those that are quick to adopt are realising the return on investment and the opportunities that the digital landscape holds for their future business growth.

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