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Winning ways to increase B2B lead generation and conversions in the financial services market.

Despite doing everything you can to drive traffic to your website, it’s a frustrating fact that the average B2B website typically only converts around 2% on a user’s first visit. So with this in mind, we focus on boosting that number with a variety of digital outreach tactics to engage, reconnect and increase leads to maximise conversion.

Here are Vitale’s recommended top techniques to boost your results in 2019 which you can also download as an infographic at the bottom of the post:

Boosting conversions

Remarketing offers one of the most effective techniques, enabling you to appear in front of people who have already engaged or visited your website. By tagging your bounced website visitors, you can then target them with content after they have left through various channels such as Google Ads and social platforms.

Getting conversions often relies on building trust with your audience through the use of content that is mapped to the buyer journey and the challenges they face along the way. Native advertising works well for our clients within financial services as it allows for branded or sponsored content (such as blogs, video or infographics) to be distributed on sites or platforms outside their own media without disrupting the user experience.

One of the most effective aspects of digital content to take with you into 2019 is video creation when it’s combined with an outreach channel such as those listed above and a Call To Action (CTA). Adding a product or explainer video onto your landing page can increase conversions by 80% when you want the user to complete an action or pathway to conversion.

But don’t forget traditional email marketing. The prized possession of a mailing list enables you to provide engaging and helpful emails throughout the buying cycle which can include video to enable more traction.

Increasing lead generation

Rich media ads are an interactive way to engage your audience through advanced features such as audio, video, movement and streaming. At Vitale, we have found rich media ads to have a greater click-through rate, leading to increased data capture through to conversion – particularly within the finance and insurance markets.

In-market targeting is popular for Google Adwords or even Bing campaigns. This type of tactic connects with users at the lower end of the sales funnel as ads target people who are already clicking on similar product ads and browsing related websites.

Boosting social outreach

Similar to remarketing, social remarketing uses social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn Ads to seed content to an audience that has shown early engagement on your website or social campaigns. Other tactics include social custom audience targeting where you can use your prospect email list (or create a targeted list) on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to target your potential customers directly.

LinkedIn and Facebook Lead Generation take this process one step further by enabling you to target potential customers through lead ads that include a contact form to let potential customers show their interest in a product or service without leaving the platform which has boosted campaigns for clients significantly within the insurance broking sector.


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