Top 12 Ways to Boost B2B lead generation

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, which means B2B lead generation tactics are always evolving too. Here are Vitale Digital’s top tips for boosting lead generation in the insurance industry.

1Gated Content (also known as a lead magnet) – if you want to generate leads, it’s essential to gain contact details so you can build a relationship with a prospective client. Gated content offers an incentive for someone to give up certain information about themselves, such as an email, in exchange for valuable content. This could include a free checklist, whitepaper, e-book or software tools.

2Google pay-per-click (PPC) – this can be an extremely cost-effective way to generate traffic to a landing page or lead generation form. As Google is the most popular search engine, creating a PPC campaign through Google Ads enables visibility very quickly within your audience.

3. In-market Targeting – this lets you seed content and advertisements to connect with consumers that are actively researching or comparing products relative to your product offering across the web. It allows for very specific targeting and can include URLs.

4Lightbox Ads – interactive ads that aim to capture the attention and engage with users through advanced features such as video and multiple images. Running across the Google Display Network (GDN) and social channels, these can be distributed through remarketing tactics.

5Remarketing Ads – if you have ever left a website only to be followed around online by its ads for weeks afterwards, then you have experienced remarketing. Popular on social platforms and Google, this has been one of Vitale’s most successful lead generation strategies, especially when combined with personalised and contextual content.

6Landing Page Optimisation and Call to Action (CTA) – According to HubSpot, B2B companies with 10-15 landing pages get 55% more leads than those with less than 10. Multiple offers on a page can reduce conversion rates considerably, so focus on a single offer per landing page and ensure your CTA’s are engaging and straightforward for prospects to sign up.

7Content Marketing – if you have interesting and helpful content that answers your prospect’s search queries, this can push you to page one of Google and improve your CTA. Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be used within content both onsite and offsite, incorporating strategic keywords within metadata, website copy, video, blogs and FAQs, all mapped to the user journey.

8. Online reviews – customer testimonials and reviews have the highest effectiveness rating of all content. It has been reported that around 92% of prospects read online reviews when considering a product or service, so these should be a vital part of your lead generation strategy.

9Gain Trusted Backlinks (offsite SEO) – as mentioned above, the best referrals are from those that have engaged with your product. The second-best referrals come from users linking to you from a trusted review website, increasing your brand visibility and helping to build relationships for effective conversions.

10Intent Popups or Slide-in Opt-ins – when used on your key landing pages, these can be effective. But be careful, as some people aren’t so keen on them. Place special offers, attractive solutions and personalised intent popups but avoid using large, intrusive pop-ups that obscure the content without a visible click-off option.

11Video Marketing – web users spend more time watching videos than ever before, so using video on a landing page can increase engagement. Some research figures put the conversion rate increases at over 80%.

12A/B testing – to focus on what is working well for your company, test new tactics and measure the results (A/B testing). By testing and adjusting your digital strategy, you can minimise wasted spend and increase your lead generation.

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