Vitale Digital are proud to be an r10 Ecosystem Partner.

Vitale Digital are proud to be an r10 Ecosystem Partner

Our team at Vitale Digital are looking forward to collaborating with r10 and the other partners of the ecosystem to drive digital change within the London Insurance Market. All the partners are best in class and at the forefront in their area of expertise and technology.

‘It was a natural fit for Vitale to become a partner of r10’s ecosystem as we have been collaborating with one of the other partners for a few years and successfully launched joint projects both in the UK and US.’

‘As a specialist digital agency to clients within the insurance market, we can now add more value by incorporating our partner’s technology solutions into an end-to-end proposition that is unlike any other in the market.’ Amanda Robinson, CEO – Vitale Digital.

The Ecosystem will cover seven areas:

  • Digital growth solutions
  • Digital product distribution
  • Talent incubation
  • Low-code process transformation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Revolutionising data
  • Claims settlement and liquidity management

The Ecosystem combines r10’s insurance industry knowledge and implementation expertise with its partners’ leading technology solutions and services.  Clients will have access to a one-stop-shop of products and services that bring together best practice expertise gained from current experience of the insurance sector, providing a flexible approach to change.

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